How Much Do Nannies Earn?

How much you pay you nanny or maternity nurse will vary. Below, we'll cover the criteria considered. For our agency fees, please see here.



Nannies overseas and in London will command a higher salary due to their own living expenses and potentially the cost of moving abroad costs associated with that. Families in more rural areas outside of London, or even the south-east, will be on slightly less, considering the lower cost of living. 

On average, for full-time nannies, families can expect to pay £650+ per week gross in London; £800+ overseas; and from £500+ for the rest of the UK

Live-in Nanny vs Live-Out Nanny:

Having a live-in nanny could save you £50-100 per week based on location,. Live-in nannies will be provided their own bedroom and bathroom (if applicable) and will usually be given free access to food during the week (in a typical Monday -Friday position). 

Qualifications and Experience:

This is the main factor when determining your nannies salary. It goes without saying that the more experience a nanny or maternity nanny has, the higher the salary.

Hours/ Days:

A nanny working 30 hours per week, will obviously be on a very different salary than a maternity nurse working 24/6. In these circumstances, an hourly or daily rate would apply. Maternity Nurses earn between £250 - £350 per 24 hours, and nannies generally charge between £12 - £22, depending on the factors above.

Nanny Share:

Two families often decide to share a nanny to gain all of the benefits of having a nanny, at a fraction of the cost. Nannies will usually charge a higher fee for having more children, but the cost per family would be significantly lower. 

The nanny industry seems to be the only profession where salaries and pay rates are quoted in net figures. This is confusing for both parties involved, in addition to both parties losing out. We quote in gross figures so that you, as an employer, know exactly how much you’re going to be paying each month for wages, national insurance and tax.

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