Will I be charged for using your service?

No, absolutely not. Not only would we not do this (we’re very nice), it’s also illegal; so steer clear of any agencies who ask for a fee for finding you work.

What does the process of finding a position involve?

Once you’ve contacted us through our initial registration contact form, we’ll send you a copy of our full registration form for you to specify exactly what you’re looking for in a position and to let us know more about yourself. We’ll then send you details of any positions we feel you may be interested in. Once you give us permission to send your details and CV off to the families, we’ll get to it, and try to secure an interview. If, after the interview, the family wish for you to have a trial day with them then we will help to negotiate an agreed day for this to happen.

As a nanny, I have to be vetted before being put forward for positions, how do you vet families?

Unfortunately, it can feel very one-sided; however, we keep details from all nannies who interview and trial with families to get an overall picture of what they are like to work for. We aim to obtain references from previous nannies, if they’ve had one, as we feel it’s important to find the right fit for a position. When you’re working so closely with families in their homes, chemistry plays a huge role in whether the position is right for you.

Can I contact you after I’ve started my position?

Yes. We’d love to continue to help the childcare professionals that we represent in any way that we can. We’re happy to help with anything that may come up in the future, or even just to ask advice on day to day issues that come with being a nanny.


Can you help me settle in when I start my position overseas?

We’ve been (nearly) everywhere, and we love to shed light on the pros and cons of moving abroad. From visas, to community websites, or even the best social groups to find once you’re there. Again, we’re here everyday to answer any of your questions, even if it’s months down the line.

How do you determine salary?

There are many factors that come into play when determining your salary. These can include whether you are in the UK or overseas, your location within the UK, your age, experience and qualifications.

Do I need to be qualified or experienced?

This depends on what position you are applying for and what the families have requested. A Mother’s Help, for instance, isn’t going to be expected to have five years’ experience, whilst a new mother going back to work after having twins, is highly unlikely to accept a candidate with no experience. Get in touch with us and we can help you decide which positions would be suitable.

I need a visa to work in the UK, is this something that you could help me with?

Whilst we’ll always point you in the direction of the UK government website for information on visas, we can probably help with which visas may be available to you, such as working holiday visas.

I’m just starting out in my career, could you give me advice on how I can progress?

Of course. We’ve worked our way right from the bottom and have probably considered every avenue that involves working with children. There are so many options, and so many training courses available to you and we can discuss these in further detail, should you wish to further your career.

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