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A New Nanny: A Child's Perspective

Having a new nanny join your family can conjure an array of different emotions for you, as the parents, and your children. Depending on the age of the child, it can be an exciting time. They may view this new chapter as having a new ‘play-mate’ to give them 100% of their attention and adoration; unlike institutional settings like nurseries and school, where their attention is shared between their classmates. For younger children and babies, it can also be a confusing time as they may not understand who this new adult is, and why their parent or previous nanny is no longer their main carer. We’ve identified some steps to follow, to ease you children into feeling secure and confident when their new nanny takes over.

1) Talk to your children (if they’re old enough) about having a new nanny and how they feel about having someone new look after them.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask your new nanny to meet the children on different occasions and, if practical, in different settings. It can be useful for children to meet in a neutral location like a soft play area, the park etc. so that there is no pressure, and the focus can be on having fun.

3) Young children often need reassurance on the whereabouts of their parents. Do reiterate often what will happen, where you will be, and when you will be back. Children are comforted by repetition and routine, in an otherwise confusing world, in which they usually have no control over.

4) In time, your children will look forward to ‘nanny days’. Some children take immediately and others take longer to form bonds; both are completely natural and shouldn’t be regarded as right or wrong.

5) Your nanny will have experienced settling in with a new family and how to handle any emotional issues. As a professional nanny- she or he will be more than happy to discuss various techniques and other ways to help settle your child. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice; this is their profession and expertise, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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