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Hiring an Overseas Nanny

The majority of families that we hear from are expats living overseas, looking for high profile nannies to care for their children. The nannies that we have on our books all have a wealth of experience and qualifications that suit a growing number of families who live abroad.

Parents are usually looking for English, French or Spanish speaking nannies who can either speak to their children in their native language, or encourage their children to learn a second language organically through play and general day-to-day life. Many of our nannies also speak Arabic and have experience teaching children second languages in both home settings, and in more structured institutions.

We can provide international nannies and governesses to all countries around the world and we always have professional nannies who are looking for their next position.

Things to consider when hiring a nanny from overseas:

· Do you have a preference of nationality? Reasons can range from their native tongue, visa purposes, travel purposes and having a familiar outlook on raising children.

· How much experience would you like your nanny to have?

· Do you require your nanny to have specific qualifications?

· Will you pay your nanny’s tax and how will you set it up?

· Will your nanny require a visa, and how will you apply as an employer?

· Will you need to take out insurance as an employer?

We are more than happy to help answer these questions, or any others you may have about hiring a nanny from overseas. We work with nannies and governesses from all nationalities, providing you with the benefit of choice.

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