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This may be the first time that you're hiring someone to take care of your baby, child or children; It may be that your circumstances have changed, or your baby has grown and now has different needs. Here, we'll run you through the different types of professionals that we have on our books and when or why you might need them. We are selective about the nannies we have on our books and only send the best nannies and maternity nurses to you. Families may want a native speaking  nanny of a different language, either because English isn't their first language at home, or because they wish their children to learn a second language fluently, and without accent. We have a range of nannies, tutors and maternity nurses that are bilingual and trilingual, so please do let us know if this is something you require.


A Nanny is a professional who usually has experience and/or qualifications in childcare. They can be live-in, daily, part-time, full-time, rota basis, temporary or permanent. They may offer proxy-parenting; may travel with you on holiday; help you with establishing routines and offer behavioural advice. The role of a nanny is to act on behalf of the parents usually on a sole charge basis, but can also be shared care. Nannies usually work a maximum of 60 hours per week. The exception to this is rota nannies who usually work on an equal working time on/off, i.e. 24/7 work followed by 7 days off.

Maternity Nurse

A maternity nurse is usually booked for the first few weeks or months following the arrival of a newborn. They can help to establish feeding and sleeping routines, and can also advice on a range of issues such as breast feeding, integrating a new baby to a family with a toddler, post natal depression, and more. Maternity nurses will usually work 24/5 or 24/6 with at least one full day off per week, in addition to an agreed-upon number of hours during the day to rest.

Night Nanny

A night nanny will have the same qualifications or experience as a daily nanny, but may be needed for families who have young children who do not settle well; have a child with special needs; or for families who work  irregular or night shifts and need an extra pair of hands.

Maternity Nanny

A Maternity nanny is much like a maternity nurse-come-nanny. They will have the experience of looking after young babies and will stay with the family for a longer period than a maternity nurse would. 


A governor or governess is an educationally focused childcare provider, usually with a teaching degree in one or more subjects. As they provide education and etiquette to children, they will usually work with children over the age of three. They generally will not carry out  nursery duties as a nanny would.


A babysitter is employed temporarily for a day/evening to look after the child/ren whilst the parents are out. This could be a young candidate with little experience, or it could be a professional nanny who is looking to earn some extra money in addition to her main position. Babysitting bookings can be one-offs, or the family may wish to keep the same babysitter each time.


A tutor is a professional who would usually focus on one particular subject, or could help with specific exams. They are knowledgeable in their field and may be employed for a short while, in the case of preparing for exams, or for longer placements if a child needs extra support in that area.

Ski Nannies/Children's Instructors

We can help families with childcare and ski instruction across Europe over the winter season. The nannies on our books are certified instructors and have enhanced DBS certificates, just like all of our nannies do. Do get in touch to see how we can help you arrange your family holiday this coming season.

We can supply all of the above childcare professionals in and around London. Please note, we only place full-time nannies in the UK.

We also have an overseas department that supply highly experienced and qualified Maternity Nurses, and high-profile  Nannies and Governesses to Athens, Monaco, Barcelona, Paris, Bermuda, China, Hong Kong, Moscow and the rest of the world. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. 

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